Steve Jobs on “You can change the world.”

Posted on May 3, 2016 by Dr. Lynda

Have you ever noticed that you can poke at life, and something new pops out somewhere? We each realize we can change the world in some small way, for good or bad, and yet what do we do with that insight?

Sometimes I suspect that we have but three choices in life:

We can just go through the motions, and take life as it comes, hope we stumble onto some meaning in our lives.


We can follow our momentary impulses, thoughtlessly, sometimes out of sheer boredom, just to stir things up for ourselves and others.


We can reach a little each day, doing something just outside our comfort zone, with good intentions and hope. And the world will be changed forever in some small way.

Steve Jobs was one of those people who operated in that third zone much of the time.

Image: Steve Jobs

He was a visionary in far more ways than computer design. While he struggled with the nuances of relationships, he always seemed to make the shift between the 10,000-foot look and intricate detail seem effortless.

Maybe that was another part of his genius: so often his advice and philosophy cut straight to the heart of things, never pulling punches. When he spoke – especially as experience had honed his perspectives – his comments often seemed as sleek and no-nonsense as his designs.

When he spoke, especially as experience had honed his perspectives, his comments often seemed as sleek and no-nonsense as his designs.

Here’s what he had to say on the matter of living a meaningful life in an excerpt from a once-lost 1980s interview. I reload this from time to time and let this 105 seconds shape my week’s attitude.

Via: SCVHA 1

Enough said. We’ll leave it there today.

~ Dr. Lynda


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