Why are we so fascinated with the world beneath the ocean’s surface? Maybe it’s because the deep is not our place. It is so definitely not our place, and human beings seem to have an insatiable urge to go where we shouldn’t.

Today on EWC we would like to share two great things with you! First, are you familiar with 99% Invisible? If you are smart, curious and hopeful, you will see why it’s one of the best places on the web.

Second, we are going to introduce you to an extraordinary story of human achievement that almost no one knows about.

Scientists in the bathysphere, an illustration of the bathysphere at depth

The Bathysphere
Source: Discover Clarksville & The National Geographic Society

We have the run of the land, and yet, for millennia, we have tried to find ways to go ever deeper beneath the waves.

From early diving bells (some were literally bells) to our modern day remotely controlled submarines, we have pushed the limits of possibility when it comes to the depths of our oceans.

For thousands of years, the quest has tested the limits of human creativity and ingenuity.

My favorite podcast, 99% Invisible, (who we feature all the time – go check them out!) tells this tale in their beautiful episode Bathysphere

It is a treat to listen to, and I recommend you find a cozy place, get a favorite beverage, put it on and soak in this marvelous part of our human history…

The spirit of exploration is what takes us to the stars and gives us the gumption to explore parts unknown. We are remarkable creatures with a remarkably powerful desire to see just beyond our viewpoint, to make it just further than our predecessors, to think just beyond what is possible.

Perhaps this is our greatest asset. When we begin to lose hope for the future, we can find comfort in the fact that there will always be somebody pushing the boundaries of knowledge. We are not stagnant creatures, but explorers. Why not take joy in the spirit of curiosity that unites us?

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Have fun exploring, and don’t forget to share what you find!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!



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