Spring is here! If you are looking for alternative barbecuing methods this season, we have a few ideas for you…

Instead of pulling our your grill, why not try barbecuing with science? Try using acid or electricity for your next backyard party! Okay, so maybe these aren’t the safest or most efficient ways to cook this spring/summer, but they sure are fun.

Science and cooking go hand in hand, and really, is there a more delicious way to learn than by incorporating food?

Let’s join Andy and Greg for these next two videos. They’re from awesome channels we just found: The Royal Institution and Brit Lab. They have some exciting new barbecuing alternatives for you.

First up, we do some cooking with physics!

Cooking with chemistry…

If none of those suit your fancy, here is some cooking with chemistry from Brit Lab!

Via: Brit Lab 2

Though these are all fun, I want to stress that these techniques should not be tried at home…

Maybe we shouldn’t throw acid on a steak for dinner, but experiments like these would have made chemistry class in high school far more enjoyable!

When we take something as every day as cooking and turn it on its head for the sake of education, we reintroduce wonder into the classroom. What would a classroom look like where more teachers used the relatable world to explain things like chemistry and physics? How much more wonder could we inspire in students by making the world around us a laboratory?

Fun is the best way to make the ordinary, truly extraordinary.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!



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