What lies beneath the streets of your favorite city?

While traveling the modern streets of some of the world’s largest cities, it’s easy to forget that the ground you are standing upon is rich with hundreds, if not thousands of years of history.

The history of London in paper: people hunting a mammoth

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London is saturated with the kind of history and lore that could fill volumes. As recent construction on the Crossrail transportation system in London has unearthed more and more of this remarkable past, we are catching glimpses of the city as it once was.

National Geographic has created a stunning short film to commemorate 40,000 years of London’s history made entirely of paper.

For those who want a little more history, you can check out the National Geographic Article about some of the many archeological findings across the city. And while you’re there, poke around! National Geographic is doing, supporting, and highlighting some truly amazing things in this world!

Finally, we share with you National Geographic’s behind-the-scenes look at the production of this beautiful short film. In an age where it is easy to question if what you are seeing on screen is handmade, this video shines a light on the craftsmanship and hours that when into recreating history using only paper…

History is something we often forget to appreciate.

It is a remarkable part of our humanity that we can peel back the layers of time to uncover where we came from. History allows us to reflect, to pause, and to understand better the patterns of life that shape us.

If you want to see another awesome short film, check out this one!

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