Every species on Earth has evolved in the name of survival, but there are some who have taken a more….interesting route.

Today we explore the depths of the ocean with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) and PBS to discover some of the strangest beings living on this planet. Along the way, we’ll learn to open up our perspectives on how we aren’t so different from these strange underwater beings.

This little guy is the Barreleye Fish, and you’ll typically find him at least 2,400 ft below sea level, a place filled with deep sea oddities.

Today we explore his world and a few of his neighbors through the lenses of MBARI’s remote-controlled submersible cameras, brought to us by one of our favorite channels, PBS’s It’s Okay to be Smart. Take a look…

Aren’t they just wild?

It’s far too easy to forget that we share the same planet as these amazing oddities, as well as the thousands of other fascinating species that live in the same waters.

We aren’t so different from what we see as “odd”.

In a world where we make snap decisions based off of looks, there’s a tendency to glance over the beauty in the initially unappealing.

Every environment thrives on the uniqueness of each of its components joining forces to create something that can make you sit back and be wowed by the fact that there is beauty even amongst the strange and that there is common ground between every species. There’s an evolutionary drive to live, survive and last, and that’s what every being on this planet is trying to do.

27 minutes

Live from the Bottom of the Ocean!

Ever wondered what life looks like at the bottom of the sea? Let us introduce you to a remarkable place where you can tag along live as scientists explore the ocean's uncharted depths!

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Can you imagine what would happen if we didn’t take everyone at face value? If we made a point to learn more about every creature we encounter to find our similarities, what kind of world could we be a part of then?

Find the beauty in what surrounds you, and remember, it’s still an amazing world out there.

~ Sam

Bonus: More about the Barreleye Fish

For those wanting to learn a little more about this strange creature, here’s a short video on this fascinating species, brought to us by the fantastic Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.


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