Do we have to be afraid of a tech-filled future? Or, can we pause and marvel at the doors that are opening before our eyes?

Technology is constantly pushing us past our comfort zones. In this era of technological revolution, it seems in building the next great thing we are forgetting to marvel at what we create.

When we pause and reflect on how far technology has come over the past 50 or even 10 years, we are truly in a magical era.

The world of drones is a field ripe with technological ideation. As major tech companies and innovators are taking on a drone-filled future, we are seeing unprecedented diversity in design.

Raffaello D’Andrea is one of the many incredible thought leaders in drone technology. His work bridges technology, art, and innovation.

In his awe-inspiring February 2016 TED Talk, D’Andrea brings us closer to the incredible flying machines of the future that he creates with the design lab Verity Studios. Here he is, from the TED stage, alongside the drones that will help shape our future…

Via: TED 1

Celebrating future flying machines!

When we look at projects like D’andrea’s drones, we understand that technology and artistic expression are beginning to move toward one another. Drones are not just utilitarian, they are becoming the brushes and canvas we are beginning to express ourselves with!

I look forward to a day when we no longer see the world in terms of academic disciplines but instead begin to innovate with reckless abandon between seemingly disparate fields.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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