How does artistry keep culture alive? Our connections to our histories are passed down through more than just stories. They are, quite often, literally woven into our traditions.

For cultures all over the world, textiles play an important role in carrying on history and society. Artistic traditions that have lasted for centuries are expressed and passed down through the fabrics of culture.

Societies across the Andes are well known for their traditional textiles. On this edition of Saturdays Around the World, we head to Peru, to explore weaving traditions that have lasted for centuries.

On this beautiful journey, we begin in a small hilltop community where traditions of textile work from alpaca to final product have been kept alive. Check out this video from the awesome channel, Marca Peru.

Connecting to our clothing…

Very often, we forget where our clothing comes from. We have lost touch with what it means to wear something that has been handcrafted from natural fibers by human hands. For many of us, the most we will experience this thread of connection is in a hand-knitted scarf or hat given to us by our grandmother or aunt.

What if we were to learn the stories of our garments from start to finish?

We leave you today with such a story. A beautiful look into how traditions of the handcrafted are kept alive today in Peru, brought to us by NOWNESS.


Weaving traditions into our world…

Perhaps we should take time more often to appreciate the traditions that keep our cultures alive. Whether we spend time with our grandmothers learning to knit, take on the kitchen to cook the traditional foods of our cultures, or learn to play and appreciate the music of our ancestors, we honor the histories and traditions of our past.

Modern society is becoming an amalgamation of cultures, but as we move forward, we can choose to celebrate our pasts and have them become a part of our cultural future!

If you want to explore another story of how cultural heritage is being captured and sustained, check out the work of Jimmy Nelson, a photographer on a mission to photograph traditions of societies before they disappear.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!



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