How would you redesign your environment to make life easier for you?

Very often we don’t realize there are tiny design details all around us that make our lives easier, and, in some cases, harder.

And here’s something to consider: because we live our lives with relatively fixed perspectives, we often don’t understand our more subtle environmental stressors and elements of design that make our lives harder.

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For students at Gallaudet University, design plays a major role in the learning and living environment. Gallaudet is a university dedicated to deaf and hard of hearing students.

Recently, the university underwent extensive renovations, and the design innovations that came out of making a space that is optimally suited for deaf students, but here’s the really incredible thing: these design improvements could change the world of design for the better for everyone!

DeafSpace is just better-designed space, period.

It turns out that when we design space with differing perspectives in the discussion, we allow for more inclusive design, and more inclusive design is better for us all!

So what makes “DeafSpace” unique? if you haven’t discovered Vox yet, you’re in luck! It’s a site that’s really worth diving into! Here is Vox with an inside look at the fascinating design innovations of Gallaudet University…

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The importance of DeafSpace…

If you want a few more insights into the importance of accessible design, here is our favorite design podcast, 99% Invisible, with an incredible and enlightening look into the design world of DeafSpace.

It is one of those podcasts that leaves you looking at the world with fresh eyes. Really, I heard this podcast over two years ago, and it still pops into my mind almost daily!

If this article grabbed your interest, I suggest checking out an article we wrote on the deaf artist and composer Christine Sun Kim who is redefining how we think about sound!

26 minutes

Christine Sun Kim, Redefining Sound

Christine Sun Kim creates in the world of sound and shows us how we can too! She is helping us to redefine what sound means through her own experience as a deaf artist.

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