Can we actually stop to smell the roses, or notice the blooms on a painted hillside that only occur once in the span of a lifetime?

Like so many memorable moments in our lives, it is often the simplest elements coming together in extraordinary ways that leave us with stories to last a lifetime.

Death Valley Map, Location of the Death Valley Super Bloom

Source: Google Maps

This year, one of those moments happened in Death Valley, a national park in the South West United States. It is the driest, lowest, and hottest place in the US, but on rare occasions, it becomes a spectacle like no other. On this edition of Saturdays Around the World, we head out to see the Death Valley Super Bloom!

A Super Bloom may only happen a few times in a person’s life, but when conditions are perfect, the desert springs to life.

There are so many seeds out there just waiting to sprout, just waiting to grow… When you get the perfect conditions…those seeds could all sprout at once!…These areas that are normally just rock, just soil, just barren, not even shrubs, and they’re filled with life.

So Death Valley really does go from being a valley of death to being a valley of life!

– Alan Van Valkenburg, Death Valley Park Ranger 1

Let’s head to Death Valley and catch up with Van Valkenburg for an introduction to this extraordinary event, brought to us here by the awesome channel, DeathValleyNP.

The Science Behind the Wonder…

Those blooms did grow into a Super Bloom! But, what conditions have to align in perfect harmony to create such a beautiful spectacle? For the science-oriented, or just curious among us here is a little bit of the science behind this magical moment. This video is from a fantastic channel, SciFri, where you can find lots of awesome content!

Via: SciFri 3

The world is teeming with unique events like this one. Stunning displays of how the planet continues to surprise us and leave us in awe of nature’s boundless possibility.

When we witness something like this, it’s a remarkable reminder that it’s still an amazing world!

No matter what is happening in current events, we can turn to the natural world to remind ourselves that our planet is a marvelous source of inspiration and wonder. A place worth celebrating, cherishing, and sharing with everybody.

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Stay beautiful & keep laughing!



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