Have you ever wanted to go on a paleontological dig? On this edition of Saturdays Around the World, we take you an adventure exploring Fossil Lake on a hunt for prehistoric life!

Fossil Lake Map

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Fossil Lake is located in Wyoming in the western United States. This area is known worldwide for its remarkably well-preserved and diverse fossil record.

Even after over 100 years of intense study and collection, new species and discoveries continue to be unearthed!

Let’s head over to Fossil Lake with The Brain Scoop and learn a little bit about what it takes to become a fossil hunter. If you haven’t discovered The Brian Scoop yet, it’s really worth diving into!

So how did this incredible fossil record come to be?

The history of Fossil Lake provides a remarkable look into the ancient history and geology of our planet! In addition, the beautifully preserved fossils allow us to look at what life would have looked like millions of years ago.

Here is Emily once again…

This fossil record is an incredible treasure trove of clues to what prehistoric life may have looked like. Every fossil tells a unique story, which provides one more piece to the puzzle of understanding what the world was like millions of years ago.

Beyond the dig…

You can visit the National Park that Fossil Lake sits in, and, in addition, you can read more about this expedition over on the Field Museum’s website.

These are both great resources to learn more about the history and discoveries of Fossil Lake!

If you want to know what happens to all those fossils once they are brought back to the museum, here’s a bonus episode of The Brain Scoop for you to see how the process of fossil preparation works!

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Saturdays Around the World! If you know of an incredible place you want everybody to know about, or you want to learn more about yourself, let us know!

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