Can beautiful technology make our jaws drop? Is the future of creative endeavor intertwined with the advancement of technology?

Many of us have experienced being moved by music, dance, theater, perhaps even an incredible act of sport, but can drones inspire that same sense of wonder?

Ars Electronica and Intel Drone 100 Light Show Lights from Drones Flying Into the Night Sky

Source: Intel

Awe-inspiring technology might be the future of tech becoming not simply a utilitarian force but a creative one.

Tech company Intel teamed up with technological and artistic force Ars Electronica to create Drone 100, an unprecedented display of lights, technology, and live music.

This record-breaking performance is a marvel of what happens when creativity begins to co-mingle with the latest technology. Check it out from Ars Electronica’s YouTube channel – It is truly a spectacle to behold…

This project isn’t just opening doors for new frontiers in art and technology, it is ushering in a new wave for arts patronage.

Art is so critical to pushing us forward. But the lack of funding or support for creative endeavors prevents them from being brought to life.

In a world where we are inundated with advertisements, many forward-thinking companies are turning their advertising budgets toward the sponsorship of creative pursuits. Companies like Philips and Intel are helping to bring awe-inspiring art to the forefront.

Perhaps projects like Drone 100 and others are ushering in a future where art not only pushes society forward but pushes companies to think about innovation in a new way.

A creative inspiration…

We think there is a lot of beauty in learning how remarkable things are made.

Learning about the process of creating is one of the best ways to spur innovation and ignite creative sparks.

Here is the story behind the creation of Drone 100, brought to us by Intel.

Via: Intel 2

Why not stand in awe of what we can create?

Perhaps the very moment we ask ourselves “Why did they do that?” is the moment we realize that we are witnessing something that is uniquely altering the future for us all.

I, for one, am excited to see a future where art becomes a part of every layer of innovation from garage laboratories to the boardrooms of the largest companies in the world.

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Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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