There is a remarkable beauty to watching a master perform their craft.

There is a spark of inspiration and wonder that we have all felt while watching someone live out their passion.

Mike Meyer showing the craftsmanship of hand-painted signs

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Very often we forget that there is beauty and wonder in the hand made. In a world of mass production, craftsmen carry the torch of history, skill, and artistry.

For Mike Meyer, his calling is, and always will be, sign painting. This dying artform has been a quintessential part of Americana, and is a subtle, but fundamental, part of defining and designing our surroundings and the commercial landscape.

As anybody who has seen or felt the power of craft over commercialism will know, there is a soul and a spirit to something that comes from the hands of somebody with a calling.

Here is the story of Mike Meyer, whose love for his work keeps the craftsmanship of hand-painted signs alive…


We still live in a world inundated with mass manufactured signage, but handpainted signs are starting to see a resurgence in the United States. Handpainted signs now stand for quality and an application for tradition and craft.

I have noticed recently that there seems to be a turn back to the importance of craft in the modern world.

Returning a heart and a hand to our designed world may seem like the antithesis of progress in the technological age, but for an environment to feel like it belongs to people it has to feel like it has been crafted by people.

The Life and Times of Sign Painting…

As an extra, if you think of yourself as a design nerd (and even if you don’t), here is one of my favorite podcasts, 99% Invisible, with a little more about the history of sign painting and its modern renaissance.

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!



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