Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Posted on March 28, 2016 by Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

All over the world, plastic bags are becoming a major source of pollution.

So, how do you solve a problem this big? You put two driven and passionate teenage sisters on the case.

Melati and Isabel Wijsen of Bye Bye Plastic Bags

This is the story of Melati and Isabel Wijsen, who, at 12 and 10-years-old decided they had to put an end to the plastic bags that were strangling their home island of Bali.

With the help of a team of fellow teenagers and a lot of tenacity, they created Bye Bye Plastic Bags, an organization that is not only changing the landscape of Bali but is beginning to spread across the globe.

Here are Melati and Isabel from the TED stage with their incredible story…

Via: TED 1

I am absolutely floored by these two!

What would the world look like if we encouraged kids, with their the boundless energy, to advocate for the future of this planet?

Harnessing the power future generations starts with educating children about what is possible, and instilling in them the confidence to believe that they are powerful enough to make change.

If we raise a generation of advocates for this world, we raise a future for this planet.

Bye Bye Plastic bags has picked up steam around the world with new branches starting up in NepalGuadalajaraAustralia, and New York City.

The Bali team for Bye Bye Plastic bags has a great Facebook page where you can keep up with current events and see all of the great work the organization is doing!

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