Does age 22 feel long ago and far away, just like yesterday, or does it feel far in the future to you? Whatever your age now, you might agree that age 22 is a magical time; anything’s possible and you are finding your own voice to change the world a little.

When an artist finds a niche at this stage, anything can and often does happen. For Hikaru Cho body painting is communication.

Image: Woman's head looks to be on a spiraling cord by Hikaru Cho

Source: Hikaru Cho

Take Hikaru Cho, a 22-year-old Tokyo-based artist. She has created striking body art paintings for Amnesty International’s global campaign “My Body My Rights”.

Cho has captured the repression experienced by women around the world in a new way that can give us cause to stop and ponder her meaning in each piece.

Cho uses the human body as her canvas to add unusual dimensions to her realistic, 3D technique.

I found a quote from Amnesty International about Cho’s work…

“Many of the images are deliberately left open to interpretation – we wanted to avoid being too literal and encourage debate amongst a younger audience.” 1

See what you think about the artistry here as much as the possible messages.

Take a look…

Image: Shoe laces and eyelets on an ankle and foot by Hikaru Cho

Source: Hikaru Cho

Image: Woman with double mouth and eyes on her face by Hikaru Cho

Source: Hikaru Cho

Image: Arm looks to be come apart revealing birth control pills by Hikaru Cho

Source: Hikaru Cho

Image: Buttons down the front of a torso by Hikaru Cho

Source: Hikaru Cho

Image: Woman covering one eye with an eye on her cheek below her hand by Hikaru Cho

Source: Hikaru Cho

Image: Zipper in a woman's back by Hikaru Cho

Source: Hikaru Cho

Image: Woman's face looks like she is removing it to reveal a machine by Hikaru Cho

Source: Hikaru Cho

Image: It looks like a hole is burning in a woman's chest by Hikaru Cho

Source: Hikaru Cho

Image: face painted to look like broken pieces of pottery by Hikaru Cho

Source: Hikaru Cho

Image: looks like woman taking offer her head to reveal a grapefruit by Hikaru Cho

Source: Hikaru Cho

Image: Face painted with flowers to match flower background by Hikaru Cho

Source: Hikaru Cho

More by Hikaru Cho…

Lovely, amazing work here. I took a quick look first and then went back over each image carefully to consider the minute details Cho got exactly right and then pondered the message she may have been trying to convey.

If you’d like to see a bit more, head over to Hikaru Cho’s Website.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an “art lover,” it’s projects like this that almost every one of us can have a little fun with, putting some brain power on the riddle of the artist’s mind.

Here’s a few more to go out on that are just amazing fun!

Image: Hikaru Cho, a banana painted to look like a maceral

Source: Hikaru Cho

Image: Hikaru Cho, Banana painted to look exactly like a cucumber

Source: Hikaru Cho 

Think your life is a bit average sometimes?

Look for adventure in things you might not understand or appreciate in the beginning. I’ve been practicing the art of noticing lately: noticing funny facial expressions in strangers, noticing crazy voices and accents, and finding meaning in music or art I don’t understand.

You can make any moment an adventure if you look for meaning in ordinary things around you. Give it a try sometime when you are stuck in traffic, waiting somewhere, or forced to endure something you are not finding interesting.

Give it a try. Have a great day!

Stay open, curious and hopeful.

~ Dr. Lynda


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