Have you ever thought about how news distorts our worldview? And our role in it all?

Sorting out our role as individuals is actually an empowering insight. Because today, we’ll show you how simple it might be to change things.

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Here’s a little background: since creating EverWideningCircles.com (our effort to change the negative dialogue about the world) we’ve had the opportunity to speak to many people about the relentless negativity of the 24-hour news cycle and to a person, not one has admitted to watching – much less liking – the news anymore.

In fact, we’ve never met anyone who isn’t dismayed by the current negative trends in media of all kinds.

And yet the downward spiral of fear and shame on much of our media continues. Who is driving that trend? Could it actually be us?!

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If you think about it, many of us find ourselves in the echo chambers of media that suit us. So, we don’t really consider our chosen media all that negative.

Each in our own way, we go deeper and deeper into our media comfort zones as a way to avoid the mayhem everywhere else.

There’s a real downside to each of us going to our own corners though. And it’s that we stop learning about what is really going on in the wider world.

Today we bring you two short TED Talks about the role media plays in shaping our worldview and the role we play in shaping the media we all consume.

Let’s start with a TED Talk that puts into perspective the way our worldview is deeply intertwined with what the media is willing to cover. This video has some mind-blowing insights. See what you think!

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We here at EWC had to shake our heads and watch that one twice! This is a huge insight.

Now you may have noticed that TED Talk is from 2008. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. Surely as we turn to the web for more of our news media, we must be seeing more of the world?

Unfortunately, that’s not how things have worked out.

It’s easy to assume the web brings a more democratic approach to the coverage of world events, but this is less and less often the case.

Now, because our clicks dictate what gets covered by the media, more often than not the important news stories (many of them very positive) are drowned out by sensationalism (most of that very negative).

And, just as traditional news media was skewed by popular opinion, so too is our worldview online.

To talk more about this here is Sally Kohn from the TED stage with an important lesson in our clicking habits…

Via: TED 2

We here at EWC absolutely love TED and all of the insight and positivity they foster in the world. Check out our list of Must-See TED Talks!

So, what can you and I do?

I suspect that Sally spells things out pretty clearly: we are voting with our clicks. This means the only way to change the direction of things is to change our clicking habits.

The more we click on, share, or like the things around the internet that are less about a balanced, positive perspective on the world, the more we will see them!

This is one of the fundamental reasons EWC came into being. EverWideningCircles.com is a place to find the best the web has to offer, no matter the day. The more that our positive, innovative content spreads around the internet, the more YOU have had a role in changing the dialogue about the state of our world!

The internet can be an empowering place, and it is clear that to shape our world of media into a more positive, balanced, and worldly place we have to become active participants in the dialogue about what we consume.

We know we have the power, and it is time to start utilizing it!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!



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