How much do you really know about basketball?

It turns out, the beautiful game as we know it today is steeped in a history that sports fans and sports haters alike can appreciate.

Lebron James Dunk: The beauty and balance of the game

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Tomorrow is the start of March Madness, the NCAA Division 1 basketball tournament, and for the sports the enthusiasts among us, it’s time to gear up for suddenly finding yourself parked in front of your television for endless hours watching basketball. (At EWC headquarters, production is sure to slow down a little as we are major basketball fans. Dr. Chuck, our CFO, was a professional and collegiate basketball player.)

For those that may not know the finer details of the game, never fear, after you hear today’s featured Podcast, you will be left with a greater appreciation for basketball’s design history, and more than a few fun facts to impress your friends with!

If you are like me, and a lifelong basketball player, fan, and enthusiast this podcast will leave you with a reaffirmed feeling that our favorite game is really the most beautiful sport out there!

So, here I give you, my favorite podcast, 99% Invisible with The Yin and Yang of Basketball

When you think about how many people around the world play, watch, coach, and love the game of basketball, how many do you think know its humble origins or the stories behind the fundamental way the game is played?

As we watch people who are incredibly talented in their field whether in sport, art, or everyday work, we watch the evolution of their craft. Each person who pushes the boundaries of what is possible forges a new history, and a new artistry for us all to enjoy!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!


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