Sometimes there is a collective wonder that comes with knowing there are places out there that can inspire wonder and joy in people because of their strange novelty.

This is the story of the Mojave Phone Booth.

Out in the middle of the Mojave Desert, there was once a legendary place. This place was no spectacle of nature, it was no grand piece of architecture, it was no final resting place of any important person. It was a phone booth.

Yes, a phone booth, in the middle of the desert, seemingly for nobody…

On this edition of Saturdays Around the World, we take you to the Mojave Desert in the American Southwest. Specifically, we take you to the Mojave National Preserve in the South of California.

The Location of the Mojave Phone Booth on Google Maps

Source: Google Maps

This is the story of a phone booth that has captured the imagination of thousands of people and the one man that started the obsession, here is the podcast 99% Invisible with the tale. If you haven’t discovered 99% Invisible’s podcasts yet, they’re really worth diving into! Take some time to just get lost in the wonderful world they have to offer.

What a fascinating world we live in!

For those that have any interest, here is the short documentary of people answering the Mojave Phone Booth. It is really quite entertaining to watch people do something they probably do every day with an exciting novel twist, brought to us by Derek Roberto!

It’s a wonderful reminder there are secret places around the world that have the power to inspire curiosity and joy!

You can check out Doc’s book, Adventures with the Mojave Phone Boothif you have found yourself hooked on this weird and incredible phenomenon! Or head over to the website that started the legend.

Oh, and if you really want to, you can call the line just to see who you find at the other end…760-733-9969.

Stay beautiful, and keep laughing!



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