Despite having Cerebral Palsy, today’s TED speaker and comedian reminds us that life is complex in general, and we all are tasked with taking life as it comes. We may have a physical limitation, but that’s just one of 99 problems, so our challenge is to focus on the things we can change!

She shares a unique and inspiring perspective that we can all use no matter the problems we are juggling.

Maysoon Zayid is a Palestinian-American writer, actress, and comedian, who was the first person ever to perform stand-up comedy in Palestine and Jordan. She is also known as one of America’s first Muslim women comedians, who, in her December 2013 TED talk, makes one thing clear: “sure, cerebral palsy is a problem… but so are nearly 100 other things I’ve got to juggle.”

Let’s take a look at this very funny and yet insightful perspective.

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Interesting, huh?

I suspect many of us might have some thread of connection to Maysoon’s comments.

With her special sense of humor, I suspect that Maysoon Zayid is pointing out that on some level, most of us are working with a “disability” of some sort. We are burdened by unsupportive family members, held back by low self-esteem, afflicted by a narrow point of view, or countless other issues.

This TED Talk reminds me of another that is one of our most-viewed articles: Aimee Mullins 12 Pairs of Legs. Take a look at that article and you may have a fresh, and fun perspective on a lot of things!

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Both women remind us that we all argue for our own limitations, far too often. We spend a lot of energy convincing ourselves that we can’t do this, or we aren’t good at that, or we are hopeless at something else.

Could Maysoon’s TED Talk remind us of possibilities that are just out of reach (like her father’s dollar bill)? But with enough motivation, we might just succeed.

Meanwhile, stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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