Any idea what the Swahili word “peponi” means?
It means paradise.

And in today’s EWC Saturdays Around the World article, you might think you’ve gone there for a brief interlude of music and breathtaking photography.

After viewing the beautiful vistas and hearing the incredible sound of a native singer of the Swahili language, you may agree the word rings true for The Piano Guys‘ rendition of Coldplay’s “Paradise,” Peponi edition.

Take a deep breath, get quiet, and enjoy this…

Lovely. Music is an escape we can all indulge in. In every country, every culture, and every person, there is a melody playing that we can all understand. No words are even needed.

Music gives us an incredible form of connection that transcends language. A beautiful piece finds a way to help us tap into our shared humanity. Will musical tastes differ? Yes, but music that moves us still speaks to something deeper in us all.

5 minutes

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