“Paradise” (Peponi): The Piano Guys Epic Day

Posted on February 27, 2016 by Christopher M Dugan

 Any idea what the Swahili word “peponi” means? It means paradise.

And in today’s EWC Saturdays Around the World article, you might think you’ve gone there for a brief interlude of music and breathtaking photography.

And after viewing the beautiful vistas and hearing the incredible sound of a native singer of the Swahili language, you may agree the word rings true for The Piano Guys‘ rendition of Coldplay’s “Paradise,” Peponi-edition.

Take a deep breath, get quiet, and enjoy this….


We could leave it there, but we wondered how The Piano Guys dreamed up this remarkable piece of work. Turns out there is quite a story to it.  Check out the behind the scenes “Making of” video below…

If you liked this Piano Guys remix, make sure you check out their rendition of “Hello/Lacrimosa”!


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