We have all seen images of the Earth from space, but how do astronauts describe this view?

What perspective can a view give us? In what ways can seeing the Earth in its entirety change the way we see ourselves in the context of our planet, our solar system, our universe? Hearing astronauts talk about seeing Earth from space, is a beautiful reminder of what it means to be an Earthling.

Astronauts talk about seeing earth from space: View of Earth from the ISS: Sun rising over earth.

Source: Quartz

I, like many other people, long to see the Earth from space. I have dreamt of this view from early childhood, wanting to see our planet in its celestial context. Most of us will never make it to space, but luckily we have the words of those who have been there to tell us what seeing planet Earth from above is like.

The Royal Institution has put together a series of videos with interviews from astronauts on a wide variety of topics, and when I found this excellent playlist the following video stood out to me as something that had to be shared on EWC. You should seriously go check The Royal Institution’s channel out. Incredible!

So, what does Earth look like from space? I’ll let the astronauts tell you…

How would your perspective change if you saw Earth from space?

It might be difficult to answer this question, but I was struck with two thoughts in particular. First, understanding, truly knowing, our place in the universe serves as a reminder of the bigger picture. How we are all on a tiny planet, in a vast universe, and how dependent on one another that makes us in the grand scheme of things. Second, how miraculous our place in the universe is, if we remember that we live on an incredibly beautiful marble hurtling through space, we can appreciate so much more the importance of preserving it, and appreciate where we live like never before.

We are connected to one another as a species and the earth as our home. We have no other relatives we can communicate with, and no other place to live. We live in a uniquely beautiful place, together, and perhaps if we kept that in perspective a little more we could learn to appreciate and care for our fellow beings and our planet a little bit more!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!



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