Is there beauty in the simplest things? How about a single drop of water? Turns out there is magic there too! Today we bring you an amazing insight about perspective.  What are we missing because our perspective is not slow enough?

You will never look at the raindrops falling into a puddle again without knowing a little more about the wonder there! See what you think…

Beautiful, huh?!

This is the work of a photographer Corrie White of London, Ontario, Canada, who was an avid photographer at an early age. Her website is something to savor! Be sure to check it out carefully.

The remarkable thing about this story is that White is largely self-taught. She learned the basics about macro, water droplet photography with online tutorials.

Here’s what we found on her Flickr account:

Corrie began with only the most modest of tools – medicine droppers, containers, a camera, and as she says, a good sense of timing. She now uses more sophisticated equipment, including a Mumford Time Machine, that enables her to create even more unusual shapes and forms within the water droplets. Corrie is not satisfied to merely replicate what others have done. Rather she is driven to innovate and create the extraordinary.

Some photographers in Corrie’s position are reluctant to share their trade secrets, but Corrie openly shares everything she has learned in her e-book, “The Ultimate Guide To Water Droplet Photography.” For those wanting to learn how she creates her magic, the ebook guide is invaluable. Seeing a single one of her water splashes is nice, but the fact is, they’re addicting. One is never enough – you feel like you must see more and more. Each splash is unique and the resulting water images are unparalleled. 2

You know what that means: do you need a hobby? From what I found online, you could actually make this a wonderful pastime! You can share your work with other dabblers, and then climb the ladder to whatever level of seriousness you like.

From Ms. White’s bio, it sounds like one of the most essential pieces of equipment, past a camera and tripod, is an eye dropper and imagination.

Here’s more of what Corrie White writes in her bio:

A lot of my water drops posted here were done manually with a medicine dropper and a good sense of timing. I am now using the MJKZZ Water Drop Kit. The colours I use come from food dyes and various flash gels. The forms of the water and milk shapes are pure and unedited.

I have made some discoveries in water drop photography, one of them being the unique three drop splash as in ‘Tiny Dancer.’ Another is multiple exposures in water drops. This is where the drops are falling in the same area but while I am panning the camera, I can get more than one splash in the same frame, such as my ‘Liquid Flowers.’ I pushed the drip kit to the limits by creating a splash with a bubble-type base caused by an extra large drop as in ‘Suspended.’ I have combined soap film and water drops simultaneously as well as the water drop/liquid flow combo as you see in ‘Coral Sea Dreaming.’ One method I started using was to color white milk splashes using colored gels on the flash guns which made some very colorful forms. I’m always looking for the unique and trying to come up with something that has never been done before. 3

Here are a few more photos from her fabulous website:

This woman’s work is breathtaking and if you take a little journey through her website,, where you’ll see she has work even more diverse than the water droplets.

In the end, I suspect there’s a message in this photography – maybe many.

But the one that comes to my mind is that everything seems simple until you find the perspective that reveals its complexity. And maybe everything that’s “ordinary” is extraordinary once you are privy to that magical point of view, when the intricate, vital details are revealed.

Stay open, curious, and hopeful!

Dr. Lynda


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