As you probably know, or as any animal lover will tell you, there are moments with animals where the barrier between us seems to break down.

Today’s story is the tale of one such encounter…

Even though we bring you stories about every topic under the sun, we do joke here at EWC about becoming the whale channel! You have to admit, there is something truly incredible about these creatures.

Our video-share today is nothing short of jaw-dropping!

In 2011, Michael Fishbach, co-founder of the Great Whale Conservancy, was out with friends photographing and documenting whales in the Sea of Cortez when his boat found a young humpback whale trapped in a fishing net. The incredible experience that followed was captured on film and is one of the most beautiful encounters with wildlife I have seen in a while.

Even if you think you’ve seen this video, watch again. We found this version with Michael’s insightful narration much better than the video usually floating around the web.

Here is Michael with the story, published on the elinoyes YouTube channel

Via: elinoyes 1

“Mommy, I know what she’s doin’, she’s showing us that she’s all free!”

What an incredible comment out of the mouth of babes!

This whale has since come to be known as Valentina, and her story has been viewed by millions of people!

Though this event occurred almost 5 years ago, its message is still as powerful as ever.

The more we see here at EWC, the more we sense the connectedness of every creature on this planet.

Whether we use the term “connected” to mean that we have the power to go beyond our own species to communicate, or to talk about the impact humans have on the environment, these threads of connection are important. To be connected to the environment is to realize that our actions, whether they are fishing in the Sea of Cortez, or choosing to throw our plastic bottles away instead of recycling, have a broader impact.

If you’d like one more similar story, again with the professional commentary of a scientist (this one from the Monterey Bay Aquarium), click here to see another great rescue recorded on video and brought to us by KSBW Action New 8. The science and professional commentary is wonderful.

We have been on this earth for such a short time, and yet we have had an inordinate impact on the world around us. Sometimes we need these stories of connection with wildlife to give us perspective the planet we are a part of!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing!



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