Happy Valentine’s Day!
We Love You!

Dear Reader, We love you!

Source: Dr. Lynda Ulrich

Today, many countries celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate romantic love. But we decided to celebrate love in a broader way: we think it is one of the strange forces that make this “still an amazing world!”

So, let’s start out with an incredible video from EWC favorite SoulPancake! Here is some fun with how people from age 0-100 define love. It turns out, putting love into words is a little harder than you might think!

So, how do you define love? No really, give it a try!

If it’s difficult to find the right words, take a look at our article from Valentines Day last year: A Valentine to Someone I Love.  It was a remarkable article that came to us out of the blue! See what you think.

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A Valentine Anytime, To Someone You Love

Do you have a friend, lover, family member who means the world to you, and yet you feel at a loss for words to convey that? Here's something you can send to a person with whom you feel this deep connection. Don't wait for Valentines Day.

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EWC Loves You!Dear reader, we love you

When we started this project almost exactly two years ago now, we never dreamed how quickly Ever Widening Circles would grow! What started as a little website, founded in a coffee shop in Northern Vermont, has grown into a community of people from almost every country in the world. In fact, yesterday, we had visitors from all but 4 countries on the planet!

Many tell us they are returning because they believe that it’s still an amazing world (our Motto) and they always know they will find something new to marvel at.

We love our followers! They prove that there is a huge population out there that wants to see the best in people, and sees the world around us with wonder and possibility.

Our community spans religious, political, social lines, and we love that! Did you know EWC has more than 20,000 Facebook fans each, in places as diverse as Pakistan, Nepal, the U.S, and Egypt!

Every day when we look at our followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (and everywhere in between), or subscribers here on the site, we see a beautiful cross-section of humanity represented and unified in our mission to see the beauty and connection in this world, and we know we can change the dialogue about our world together.

We love and thank you for that!

Share the articles that inspire you with people you know who are still hopeful and curious, and EWC can be a force for change.

We found one more video for you today that we think expresses how we feel about all of you!

Via: OWN 2

Go out in the world with a little more love in your life today!

And remember, here at EWC you are a part of creating possibility and making the world an amazing place!

Stay beautiful & keep laughing. And stay open, curious and hopeful!

-Liesl & Dr. Lynda


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Thanks for stopping by today. Join us in changing the dialogue about our world!


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Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

COO Ever Widening Circles

Liesl is a camera-toting traveler, a global story seeker, and an aspiring—but more often floundering—yoga lover. She can be found on Instagram @Liesl.UV