Today on Saturdays Around the World, we take you to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru where a boiling river has been sparking legends for centuries.

Boiling River in the Amazon

Source: Sofia Rurzo

Let’s dive right into this incredible place with this trailer for a documentary about this extraordinary natural wonder! The video, from Peter Koutsgeorgas’s YouTube channel, is truly incredible!

So, what is the Boiling River, and how does a river start to boil miles from the nearest volcanic action?

Growing up, Andrés Ruzo, heard family legends of a boiling river deep in the Amazon. Years later, after becoming a Geoscientist, the old tales came back to him, and he set out to discover if this mysterious river really was out there.

Here is Ruzo, from the TED stage, with his story of mystery, discovery, and adventure.

Via: TED 2

What an incredible story! We here at EWC love incredible TED Talks like this one. It’s a great site to lose yourself for an afternoon – go look for yourself when you’re done here!

How many “undiscovered” places are out there hidden in family legends, and local lore?

It is difficult to comprehend how, in a world so mapped and populated, there are still mysteries of nature to be studied and uncovered. We are mapping the stars, and yet, there are still rivers and lakes on earth we know nothing about. There is something remarkable in realizing how little we know about our own planet.

25 minutes

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As Ruzo points out though, we must remember to define the significance of what we continue to discover. Whether we declare thing scientifically, or culturally sacred, we must remember that as we continue to discover the untapped resources on this planet we also have a responsibility to protect and conserve them.

Places are not just lines on maps, or numbers on a GPS, they are fragile ecosystems, cultural sites, and a part of a wider narrative.

Stay beautiful, and keep laughing!



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