What happens when you combine one of the world’s most beloved classic composers with one of the most popular songs on the modern charts?

The Piano Guys, an American musical group known for their piano and cello covers of popular and classical music, have taken the internet by storm. Their beautiful rendition of Adelle’s Hello, and Mozart’s Lacrimosa, is an incredible intertwining of genres centuries apart. We’ve come across them a few times now, and think they’re absolutely brilliant! Checking out their channel would be a great way to spend an hour or two.

If you have headphones on hand, grab them and enjoy this wonderful auditory experience!

This video has become incredibly popular (as of publishing it has over 3 million views on YouTube), but we wanted to give you a little more about the artistic background on this beautiful, era-spanning song.

What inspired this piece? How did these artists approach these seemingly distant subjects and bring them together? On The Piano Guys website they describe “Chello” as follows:

“Hello/Lacrimosa (or “Chello,” as it has affectionately been called in the studio) is a musical experiment bridging 18th century spiritualism and 21st century secularism. Imagine Mozart and Adele in the same room in an intense co-write session, quill and pen in hand, respectively. Picturing this hypothetical hangout helped to spark the creative combination of the two.

Both tunes’ divergent traits presented challenges…However, they share the same fundamental feeling — “Lacrimosa” (meaning “weeping” or “tearful”) mournfully bemoans spiritual death, while “Hello” gripes about relationship regrets. Different centuries. Different realms. Same emotion. Perhaps we aren’t as far from our predecessors as we think we are.” 2

Are our musical tastes so different from those of the past?

Perhaps what is most beautiful about Hello/Lacrimosa in this rendition, is that it shows us, through musical history, the threads of connection between us; threads that are not broken by time or the whims of pop culture. Beautiful music, regardless of its era, remains beloved because it is moving, and it speaks to our emotions in a way that is somehow collective, and yet still personal.

Sometimes, a reminder that “it’s still an amazing world” begins with the knowledge that something as beautiful as Hello/Lacrimosa can be an experience shared by millions.

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Stay beautiful, and keep laughing!



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