Recently an EWC fan sent us a link to a video that is certainly within the definition of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and we had it poised to share. But there was something that seemed unfinished about the concept.

Here’s a secret: we could barely watch our own video shares today because they are so crazy and extraordinary! Have fun!

So we did our homework and share two videos today! One made by people who were not operating within the law, and the “response” to that video made by amazing people whose job it is to keep the lights on, WAY up in the air!

Here’s our stunning first video from On the Roofs. See how it leaves you feeling – if you can bear to watch it…

Unbelievable right?

Also, trespassing, foolhardy, and dangerous for anyone who might have had to respond to an emergency had these crazy fellows got themselves in trouble.

I knew there was something that bothered me about putting up the video without some scrutiny about what we might be advocating indirectly.

Then just as I was going to discard the link, I found this wonderful video made specifically in response to the illegal climbers in the first video.

This next video we are pointing you to was made in response to the original Stairway to Heaven video. Here’s what our second video’s makers have to say:

“We made this video for all of the climbers in the tower industry who believe in safety. Nick Bassarab and Todd Horning from Safety One Training Inc. climb to the top of a 1,700-foot tall tower to change a couple light bulbs while using 100% attachment the whole time. Visit for more information on safe climbing and work at height practices.” 2f

Take a look at this awesome video from Todd Horning’s YouTube channel. It’s just as compelling but far more remarkable as it demonstrates the best of real people doing extraordinary work, in the service of keeping safety in society going.

Also a little crazy… in an admirable way!

We love how the world is sometimes very nicely “self-correcting.” Thanks to Safety One Training Inc. for showing us all how to counter something reckless: no shouting, no bitterness,.. just show us how to do the same thing right!

In fact, we will leave you with one last thought in the light of possibility that today’s posting demonstrates: did you know that anyone can now climb the Macau Tower safely if you’ve got the right cash? Yes, there is actually an adventure travel business that is licensed to take people to the top. They even have an offering they call “family fun!” You can read about them by visiting

We’re not promoting them, just saying… anything’s possible as long as it’s safe for everyone!

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Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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