Even if you’re “not a math person,” today’s TED speaker will help you see the beauty and magic of mathematics….and maybe even re-think that self-definition.

Did you know that mathematics is all around you, in profoundly fascinating ways? This EWC topic is a game-changer!

Mathemagic Fibonacci Art

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Today on EWC, we’d like to announce our earliest efforts to bring The EWC Vision of Possibility to education. THIS article will inspire anyone, but we’d like to make a special effort today to welcome parents and youth who are smart, curious and hopeful, by introducing you to our Education Enrichment page.

Educational Enrichment on EWC!

This new page on the Ever Widening Circles website is for everyone from the homeschooling communities to active learners from any generation!

Here’s a recent email we received:

Thank you! Thank you! I am a mother of two children, ages 7 and 10. I home school my kids and we look forward to EWC articles everyday. We call them the ‘good news’ articles and incorporate them into our daily curriculum. We find them uplifting, educational and inspiring. Keep up the good work! ~ Sarah

That message, and others like it, moved us to roll out this new part of the EWC adventure because the videos we share are such extraordinary examples of the mind-bending fun that learning can be.

Today’s, in particular, demonstrates the fact that everything we know about the natural world, the cosmos, and some of the fundamentals in our daily lives can tie back to a “mathemagical journey!”

Benjamin Arthur describes himself as taking his “love of math and magic to make… mathemagics.” What, you may ask, is mathemagic? Let’s let him answer that, as he wows the TED audience:

Via: TED 1

Do I have some of you “not math” people yet?

So, okay, you’re saying, a person can make math incredible by becoming a human calculator of sorts.  But really, beauty in mathematics?

Well, for those of us that like patterns, particularly those found in nature, this next TED Talk, by the same mathematician, may help you see that there really is wonder and beauty behind numbers:

Via: TED 2

Really?  Then why was learning math so boring for so many of us?  Couldn’t we do better?

For many of us, mathematics is something we learn in grade school and high school, and beyond that is viewed as reserved for those in the physics and math world. But what if we were taught to be inspired by math the same way we were literature, or to see it as a pervasive part of our lives, as with the social sciences? Could we get students, or even adults, more interested in the beauty of math?

Why not?  Perhaps very few of us will ever become mathemagicians, but my guess is that fewer still can fail to see the mathemagic that surrounds us every day.

What great inspiration, both for inside and outside of the classroom!

Stay open, curious, and hopeful!

~Dr. Lynda


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