There is new technology that can change the lives of generations of people, but nobody knows about it: SPECT brain scans. If you know anyone with signs of depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, ADHD, temper problems, panic attacks, Alzheimer’s or other struggles, this article may be life-changing, so read on.

First, have you ever stopped to think about how doctors come up with their treatment recommendations 99% of the time for people with any of the brain disorders I mentioned in the lead paragraph?

They are not using objective medical testing. They just talk to them!

That’s no more advanced than the methods used to treat Abraham Lincoln’s problem with depression 150 years ago!

Think about that for a moment… What would life look like for people with health problems like broken bones, diabetes or even tooth decay, if the doctor just asked us questions and relied on our answers for treatment planning?

But things are about to change when it comes to healing our brains. Now we have imaging techniques that reveal problems like this:

Image: Dr. Amen and brain scans

Source: Amen Clinics

It probably won’t surprise you that we can now use digital imaging to see that troubled people often have troubled brains.

Now we can look at its function with SPECT brain scans, before coming up with a diagnosis or prescribing treatment.

Fortunately, the use of this far more objective technology is just on the immediate horizon and it has the promise of changing treatment recommendations dramatically. Take a look at Daniel Amen’s fantastic TEDx Talk on the subject:

This changes everything. What a huge leap!

I love the way Dr. Amen points out that changing the emotional lives of people will change the lives of generations. Of course! I never thought of it that way.

If we help a mother cope better with depression or anxiety, her children will be more emotionally healthy adults and raise their children better! A man with improperly diagnosed brain trauma, PTSD, or temper issues will set in motion a chain of events that produces generations of troubled children. SPECT scans can change that and we can do better with his diagnosis.

Exciting stuff!

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