How much do you know about sharks?
Even if you’re a bit of an expert on the subject, we think we have a few new facts for you!

We love fascinating stories about undersea animals, so though we are far from Shark Week, we think anytime is a good time to celebrate the science of animals. That said, here is SciShow host Hank Green, with some of the most interesting facts about these incredible underwater predators:

Via: SciShow 1

So, there you have it, a little more knowledge into the world of sharks. Nothing like science to leave you feeling like you know a little bit more about the world.

Sharks making us smarter…

We like to think of EWC as a place that makes us all a little smarter, whether we are bringing you facts about sharks, TED Talks about space or innovations in art and technology.

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What would it look like if all of us, every day, took the time to learn a little bit more about the world around us?  I don’t mean something new about the latest shooting or bombing–though knowing about world events is important–but something new about what makes this world amazing.

We can choose to be informed citizens of the globe. We might think of ourselves as “an art person” or “a sports person” or “a tech person,”  but how much better informed and able to connect with others might we be if we took 5 minutes a day to learn something that expanded our horizons?

Remember, it’s still an amazing world!



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