Neuroscience Made Fun!

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Did you know that you are full of electricity, buzzing through the vast maze of nerves in your body?

In fact, those connections are so powerful and understandable that they can be made to stimulate movement in someone else’s body!

We’ll have some fun in today’s EWC article bringing you to the edges of what we are learning about the electrical connections of the brain to our bodies.

Image: Backyard Brain's Neuroscience made fun

There is a company called Backyard Brains that has created a website ready to bring us all up to speed on our own bodies, with a lot of fun. More about that in a few minutes.

To start with, today’s video is a bit of a “jaw-dropper” in many ways.

Greg Gage a neuroscientist and co-founder of Backyard Brains has developed the technology that allows the brain function of one person to control the motor functions of another.

Check out his reality shaking TED talk right here:

Via: TED 1

For me, this video evokes an immense amount of excitement for the future. I have no doubt that the “future” talked about in science fiction movies is becoming more and more of a reality, every single day.

We can also marvel at how much we can learn about nature’s mysteries by working together. Where would we be now if every person appreciated how their brain works? What kind of technological advances would manifest?

Want to get started on that with some neuroscience made fun? Take a look around the Backyard Brains website. It is really a great place to nose around. And if you want to have some fun, head to their Experiments page.

Looks like a lot of fun to be had there!

Hey! Doesn’t everybody need a Bluetooth Robo-Roach!

Image: Neuroscience made fun with robo roach
This is a real cockroach, the beautiful discoid cockroach (B. discoidalis), with a technology backpack! Source: BACKYARD BRAINS

Check out the fun you could have working through the blog at Backyard Brains.

These are just a few examples of what scientists are discovering about this beautiful world that we live in. It truly is an amazing world.

I hope this video and website recommendation has left you in awe and brought some joy to your day!

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Be curious, co-exist, and explore.

~Ethan Sawyer