What happens when art, design, carpentry, and horticulture come together?

These sources of inspiration may be ushering in a new future for furniture design.

What you are looking at is a single tree, grown and shaped over years to create a chair. The artist and carpenter behind these beautiful works of functional art is Gavin Munro, and he is challenging us to ask “What if we grew our furniture?”

Curious as to how one exactly grows a table, chair, or lamp?

Here is Munro, Full Grown founder, speaking on the DW YouTube channel from his furniture forest in the English countryside about his process, his inspiration, and the future of design:

As someone trained in the design/art world, I find myself looking at new designs asking, “Is it novel? Is it useful?”  Full Grown furniture fulfills this criterion and so many others, including longevity, environmental impact, and scalability.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, there is something truly remarkable about the furniture of Full Grown. In an age of processed things, these objects stand out because they tell the story of their origins. The trees they came from are not lost to manufacturing, but instead shine through as a part of the design.

Full Grown Furniture Process

Source: Full Grown

Full Grown furniture: changing the way we design…

More and more now, we want to know the source of the objects we use daily.  We’re beginning to ask questions like “Where was this produced?  From what is this made? Whose hands touched this?”  Taken to the next step, our questions could guide us to more conscious choices, to being better stewards of the environment, and better neighbors to our fellow humans.

Companies like Full Grown are helping lead the way, by taking manufacturing off production lines and putting it back into the hands of nature, and giving us products with a sustainable, beautiful, and creative design.

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