“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.”
– Sir Ken Robinson 1

Creativity has transformative power. Whether you have experienced this firsthand or seen it as your favorite artist or musician is at work, creativity allows us to tap into something deeper within ourselves.

While researching another article I ran across Creativity Explored, an inspirational organization that provides artists with developmental disabilities a space for artistic expression, along with the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work. Here is a brief video that explores both the organization and some of their artists:

Every time I watch this, I am reminded that creativity and the artistic impulse are not trivial features of the human psyche. They provide a unique outlet for expression that transcends age, language, and disability, and allows us all to connect with something deeper.

Unleashing Creativity

That first video left me wanting to know more about some of the artists. I found the Creativity Explored YouTube channel, featuring some of the artist’s stories and their work. I love this one about an artist named Christina Marie Fong, who has enough charisma to light any room:

Christina and her fellow artists at Creativity Explored remind us of what is possible if we open ourselves up to creativity. Nurturing the creative spark within ourselves, and others, is perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can give. To think creatively is to be able to live more fully in the world, while allowing ourselves the space to interpret our thoughts, emotions, and interactions. As the artists at Creativity Explored remind us, creativity is a place where we can work without inhibition to access something deeper of ourselves.



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