What if instead of chicken coops in our backyards we had dino coops?
Everybody, meet the majestic dino-chicken!

The dino-chicken is the dream of Jack Horner, famous paleontologist and Jurassic World advisor. He believes that turning birds into dinosaurs is not an impossible dream. By finding and ‘turning on and off’ the genes which were responsible for turning legendary dinosaurs into everyday chickens, it just might be possible to create the dino-chicken.

Awesome YouTube Channel The Good Stuff explores the possibility of creating a pet dinosaur; its feasibility, its perks, and its potential problems. Check it out:

Cool, right? So, would you like to have a pet dino-chicken running around your backyard?

How can turning birds into dinosaurs improve our health?

Even if you aren’t keen on the idea of a dino-chicken, genetic research, such as that done for the dino-chicken project, is opening up new doors to improving human health.

Gene therapy is an emerging approach to treating, curing, and preventing disease, by changing how our genes are expressed. There are around 4,000 known diseases that could be potentially treated with gene therapy. These include “cancer, AIDS, cystic fibrosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.” 2 As with our attempt to turn birds into dinosaurs, highly effective gene therapy might be way off, but it holds great potential.

Exploring the secrets encoded in the biological fabric of life is a daunting task, but those secrets are the key to the door that is the future of human life.

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