Maps allow us to understand our world from an entirely new angle, but what about moving maps that come alive with data? Now that’s art and a new perspective completely!

Image: Moving Maps screen shot for wind patterns

Source: Null School

Today we point you in the direction of three amazing projects from more thought leaders who are connecting concepts that no one ever thought to combine.

First, the US Wind Map:

This is one of my favorite visuals out there! It is an amazing look at an invisible force that is always around us, and one we often can’t comprehend without looking at the “big picture” scale of the country. I can’t help but look around the country at places where I know friends and relatives live.

Seeing things this way feels like a little more connection between us for some reason. Click on the image to head to the visual, see what you think…

Image: Tropical Storm Debby, June 26, 2012

Though will show you live data of wind patterns, here’s a screencap from Tropical Storm Debby in June of 2012.
Source: HINT.FM

That visual comes from a site called It’s actually meant to be an art project from the details on the website.

World Wind Moving Maps:

This map at is very similar to the US wind map but takes a global look at wind speeds and patterns (not to mention the neon visuals are fascinating). I could explore these moving maps for hours. (Oh, and it’s really fun to compare the two maps!)

Here too, I find myself looking harder at places where I have some small connections around the globe.

Image: Wind patterns above the U.S. via

Click the image above to see real-time wind patterns in stunning color.
Source: Null School

Our Own Movement:

Finally, there is this next interesting gem of a moving map. A video from an awesome new channel we found, ItoWorld, that looks at the air-travel disruption after the Icelandic Volcano eruption of a few years ago. I love this one! And I think it says a lot about how dependent we are on air travel.

Via: ItoWorld 1

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