This one is goose-bump material folks! Even if you think you have no interest in this subject, hang on to your hats!

Image: Paul Nicklen and Leopard seal in ice-bound wonderlands

Source: Paul Nicklen

The video we are referring you to today is awe-inspiring throughout and culminates in one of this National Geographic photographer’s greatest personal and professional moments: swimming and actually “getting to know” the extraordinary leopard seal.

These majestic beauties have a deadly reputation, but when Paul Nicklen swallowed his fear (after a bit of self-pep talking) he jumped into the frozen waters. You won’t believe what happened to him over the course of four days.

So let’s get to this remarkable photographer’s adventures of the ice-bound wonderlands.

He starts the talk with his photographs and experiences filming the elusive Spirit Bear (breathtaking) and other Arctic wonders and then shares a story that is a real paradigm shift, involving the infamous leopard seal.

We sat transfixed through this. See what you think of Paul’s TED Talk!

Via: TED 1

Fabulous, isn’t it? Such passion, so many questions raised, and even humor!

Today, we brought you this EWC favorite for several reasons. First, this is one of my very favorite TED talks. Do you know about If not, we have a great place for you to put a toe in the water there. Curl up with some articles from our “Best TED Talks” page! has gotten pretty big now. It’s still wonderful, but a bit hard to know where to start. Our top picks are some of the best of the best.

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The other reason we love this article is that it reminds us that there is a world of things the news media is not reporting on; extraordinary insights, places, innovations, and people leading us forward. We’ve written over 900 articles now to prove we could be celebrating.

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Meanwhile, don’t let anyone tell you anything different: it’s still an amazing world! And if you’re more into the ‘ice’ part of this article, here’s another one you’ll love!

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Stay open, curious and hopeful.

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