Have you ever experienced an act of kindness from a random stranger?
Have you ever been that random stranger?

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We have all had days, sometimes weeks or months, that leave us downtrodden and looking for connection. Sometimes we turn to social media to fulfill this longing, but often break away from it unfulfilled.

What if, instead of turning to our inboxes in such times, we could turn to our mailboxes? And what if,  when we did, we found love letters composed just for us? How would that change our feeling of connection?

Lucky for us, we have Hannah Brencher. She founded The World Needs More Love Letters in 2011, and their mission is simple:

“Make love famous.”

I stumbled upon More Love Letters while looking through videos produced by a group called Storytellers for Good (an incredible group we hope to feature at EWC in the future).  Afterward, I found I had tears in my eyes, and in my head, the thought that  “THIS is why it’s still an amazing world!”

Let’s start with the first video I viewed that day:

Why love letters?

The video left me fascinated with Hannah’s story, and the story of More Love Letters, so I was delighted to find that Hannah has a TED Talk in which she explains her relationship with handwritten letters, and the importance of “unplugged” communication.  Take a look:.

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More Love Letters Norway Love Letter

Here’s a letter found by a stranger in Norway!
Source: More Love Letters

How is it that we can find connections with complete strangers when that connection is made with a pen and paper?

There is something remarkable about the scope and beauty of this project. The fact that you or I could receive a love letter, in a time of loneliness, from somebody we’ve never even met before, really gives me something to smile about!

If you would like to get involved with More Love Letters, you can reach out on their website. There you will find a place to request a love letter for yourself or another, directions for how to become a letter writer, and ways to spread the letter-writing love on a college campus! Oh, and go check out Hannah’s book!

Maybe today we should sit down and hand write a letter to someone we love, or at least make a vow to try to use snail mail just a little bit more this coming year.  Who knows how much it will increase our own, or another’s, sense of connection!

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A little more love…

If you want to know a little bit more about Hannah’s first love letter to a stranger, her experience leaving letters around the city, and why she kept writing after letter 400, here’s one more great, short video from Justin Marantz!


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