Have you ever been in front of something incredible at a museum – say, an Egyptian mummy, a painting by a great master, or a bizarre dinosaur skeleton – but because the people you are with have moved on, you didn’t get to read the plaque? Now you can with the Smithsonian virtual reality tour!

Or maybe you are the type who would love to take a little spin around that dinosaur hall yourself, at your own leisurely pace? Or the gems and minerals exhibit? But wait! Your next real trip to the Smithsonian might be years away! Not anymore.

Today on EWC, we will link you to the ability to do just that, only this time, unlike your last trip, you can wander slowly enough to really appreciate all that’s before your eyes.

Have you heard that one of the most amazing museums in the world now has a virtual tour feature? Virtual Reality Museums are becoming almost commonplace!

Here then, without further dialogue to distract you, is your door to a “walk” around the amazing world of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, found at SI.edu!

Explore the Smithsonian!

Click on that link and play with the controls a bit. It’s really extraordinary. You can walk right up to anything you like, gaze in all directions and even look closer to read the plaques.

Smithsonian Hall of Human Origins

Hall of Human Origins.
Source: Smithsonian

We come across a lot of amazing web content in the course of our work at Ever Widening Circles, but it seems the things that really pique our interest, the things that really sing to us, are interactive. And even among the interactive things we find, today’s share is really something special.

If you have a half hour, treat yourself to your own personal journey through the museum.

Better yet, if you know a child with a special spark of interest that might be kindled by access to this wonder of the world… or someone who is homebound or unable to get around like they used to, but still curious and excited about life… share this article with them.

Image: Dinosaur fossils

Source: Smithsonian

Imagine being able to tour the world’s most famous Natural History Museum, right from your living room. This is what it’s coming to folks: Virtual reality is not just for gamers – it’s now for anyone who loves butterflies, gems, ancient oceans, and almost anything from the natural world because it’s now on the Smithsonian Museum’s virtual tour available on the web. We found the experience simply amazing. This is nothing like you’ve ever seen. You don’t just spin in a panorama! You can actually walk in any direction, look up or down, get as close as you like, read most plaques. It’s literally just like being there on your terms.

Smithsonian Hope Diamond

Hope Diamond.
Source: Smithsonian

Smithsnonian Mummy

Source: Smithsonian

More and more we will all be connected to each other and global gems like the Smithsonian or the Louvre. Imagine being able to take a virtual tour of the plateau at Giza (where the most famous pyramids rise to wondrous scale) or stand in the middle of the Ngorongoro National Park (a world-famous wildlife area in the crater of an extinct volcano in Africa).

The future is now.

Take some time to enjoy it with a tour of the Smithsonian.

And have a lovely day!

~ Dr. Lynda


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