What if we could visit our ecosystems of 60 years ago, before their destruction? What if there existed an island that pop culture and tourism hadn’t touched since the 1950’s?

Image: Cuban flag over Plaza de la Cathdral at sunset, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba --- Image by © Corbis


You don’t need a time machine to achieve this dream, thanks to two technical entrepreneurs and a brief permission granted them to fly their drones over Cuba. The drones captured video of an accidental Eden, rich in biodiversity, and untrammeled by modern commercialism.

Today on Saturdays Around the World, we offer two videos, captured by a new technology, demonstrating that present-day Cuba is a window on the past.

The images are stunning, and both pieces capture a lovely slice of the island where time stopped in October of 1960, leaving it to develop, for the most part, naturally.

Take a look at this awesome video from CNN:

Via: CNN 1


The story of the making and flying of the drones that shot these videos amplify one aspect of Cubans and Cuban life since the U.S. embargo that began in October of 1960.

The old adage says that necessity is the mother of invention, and Cuba’s citizens are the adage in action. For instance, lacking access to newly manufactured cars, many Cubans have found ways to maintain their cars from the 1950’s for half a century.  The only way Cubans have gotten access to any technology over the years is by smuggling bits and pieces in sizes easily hidden in luggage.  The innovators who built the first drones in Cuba had to adapt parts from other unrelated technologies and to recruit friends to bring parts from China.

The ingenuity of its people is part of the wonder of Cuba.

Take a look at another video, made by Onlinetours on YouTube, from the Industry of Tourism:

What a lovely use of drone technology.

Hopefully, the drones over Cuba will be used not just to show us Cuba’s beauty, but to protect the environment and the “back in time” charm that makes us feel so drawn there in the first place.

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda


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