How much do you know about the world of beatboxing?

Beatboxing, for those that don’t know, is a type of vocal percussion that mimics a wide range and combination of drums and sounds and combines them into incredible beats and music. If you are a novice to this insane art form, you are in for a treat!

As some of you readers might know, we are huge fans of TED here at, but do you know what TED stands for? I wasn’t sure for a long while, but as it turns out it stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. Today’s TED Talk puts the ENTERTAINMENT in TED.

So, what does beatboxing have to do with TED?

For the answer, here is beatboxer Tom Thum on the TEDxSydney stage showing off his crazy musical talent:

Via:TED 1

Insane!!! How fun was it to watch Tom Thum do his thing?!

Every time I watch a beatboxer, some part of my brain stops working. To me, watching a beatboxer perform is like contemplating the edges of the universe, or infinity.  I know some people can do it, but my brain just shuts down with the questions, “HoW? wHat? WhY?”

As an aside, my mother once dragged a very young Liesl (maybe 10-years-old) to a beatboxing concert. I’m not entirely sure she knew what she had purchased tickets to, but my best friend and I went with her, and I was transfixed. I wanted to know more than just how gross and spitty the mics were after the performance.  What the heck I had just seen? These were the days before the internet (or, at least, the internet in Northern Vermont), and my interest in beatboxing got lost after a few spittley attempts on a karaoke mic in my basement.

As it turns out, there is an incredible history to beatboxing, and it has an enormous presence globally.

To me, beatboxing is one of the most fun demonstrations of the fact that it is “still an amazing world!”

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”-Victor Borge

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Yeah, beatboxing may seem a bit difficult, but it’s possible! 

So take a look at some other musically gifted people in this category!

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