Bio-rubber: Regenerating Body Parts of Our Own

Posted on December 4, 2015 by Dr. Lynda

Why is a human ear growing on a mouse, and how could this ear-shaped synthetic body part – made out of what scientists are calling bio-rubber – change the world?

In today’s Ever Widening Circles article, we are sharing an astounding new aspect of science and technology that may someday touch all our lives in some way. Very recently, scientists have discovered the real “matrix” – something they call bio-rubber – and it is pushing the door wide open on possibility.

Image: Bio rubber is regenerating body parts

Some of you may know the idea of regenerating body parts is not that new, but using bio-rubber most definitely is.

And what if we could skip the mouse entirely? With the new bio-rubber, soon we’ll be growing ears directly where they ought to be.

Of course, it doesn’t stop at ears: Bio-rubber could be the breakthrough we need in order to grow a new kidney for someone whose life would otherwise depend on access to a $100,000 dialysis machine (or a decade, or multiple decades-long wait for a donor organ).

Image: Biorubber scaffolding and green muscle fibers woven together in a microscopic grid
This image of shows multiple thin layers of an elastic “biorubber” polymer (purple) and interwoven muscle tissue (green) formed from neonatal rat heart cells (credit: MIT photo)

Perhaps this mouse’s bio-rubber-human-ear is the starting point for being able to grow a new heart for a child awaiting a transplant.

Regenerating body parts of our own could completely eliminate the problem of rejected transplanted organs!

In the following, stunning episode of the famous PBS NOVA program, Replacing Body Parts, you’ll see an explanation of how this extraordinary process of harnessing Mother Nature’s matrix may change the medical world as we know it.  And we didn’t even realize this existed a short decade ago!

Here’s an amazing video that explains this breakthrough. Be patient through a very short advertisement, then take a look into our extraordinary shared future:



Just imagine the wonderful possibilities and applications of bio-rubber!

I have a feeling that this innovation will eventually find its way into many of our lives, making hit-or-miss organ transplants, organ donations, and organ waiting-lists a thing of the past. We look forward to watching the journey at Ever Widening Circles, and hope you’ll stay with us as we keep track of good news as the science unfolds and evolves.

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