Regardless of man-made divisions like borders, languages, and cultures, there is just something mind-bending about contemplating our place in the universe.

Image: Milkyway Galaxy our place in the universe

Source: The Daily Galaxy

Today we share a remarkable reminder of the scale of things. This particular view of our place in the universe makes our very existence seem extraordinary. Instead of looking at ourselves as insignificant individuals in the cosmos, consider this: What are the odds that we came into existence, precisely as we are?

Things had to happen just exactly right, in billions of events after the big bang, to have things wind up exactly as they have.

Let’s take a look at this quick eye-opener from the awesome channel, BuzzFeedBlue!

Well then… that’s a lot to consider.

There must have been billions of occasions when things happened exactly right in order to have our galaxy, our solar system and then our planet turn out exactly the way it did; to be able to support life as we know it. From that point of view, our existence is nothing short of miraculous.

Videos like the previous one tend to remind me of a verse I have affixed to my bathroom mirror (thanks to my lovely friend Ann M.) It goes like this:

“Sometimes when you’re feeling jaded or down, you can revive your sense of wonder by merely saying to yourself –

Suppose this were the only time. Suppose this sunset, this moonrise, this concert, this buttered toast, this sleeping child, this flag against the sky – suppose you would never experience these things again –

Few things are commonplace in themselves. It’s our own reaction to them that grows dull, as we move forward through the years.” – Arthur Gordon

That’s even more to think about.

Thanks for visiting. We’ll be back soon with another article that proves it’s still an amazing world!

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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