Bigger Than T. Rex: Meet Spinosaurus!

Posted on November 29, 2015 by Dr. Lynda

There once existed a creature that was bizarre even by dinosaur standards, a creature that almost belongs in the same pantheon as the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot. We know that this monster actually existed! We had a handful of teeth and broken bits of bone, and they told us that the creature was bigger than T. Rex.

The full mystery was recently unveiled by a fascinating series of events!

Today we share a story that started 95 million years ago, and finishes much like an Indiana Jones meets Sherlock Holmes saga. The tale spans time, and occurs in a region of the Moroccan Sahara Desert, a regions that, given the abundance of top predators that appear in the fossil record, must have been the deadliest place to live on the planet.

Eventually, WWII and serendipity combined to first lose, and then find, a skeleton for the ages.

Image: Spinosaurus skeleton bigger than T. Rex

The dinosaur, named Spinosaurus for the strange sail-like fin on its back, was not just bigger than T. Rex, but also more deadly. And almost as remarkable as the details of the creature itself, is the story of its discovery. This is definitely not standard documentary fare.

Check out this video “page turner” while learning about a wonder of our planet’s past. Enjoy!…


What a fabulous adventure story, and so well told by NOVA!   The wonder just goes on and on through NOVA’s “watch online” video archives. Check them out!

Better yet, go round up a kid and enjoy a video like this together. A dinosaur bigger than T. Rex is a crowd pleaser, but there is so much more there.

To give you a taste of all there is to explore on the Nova website, I’ll add a quick sample of some of their short videos. Take this following little gem for example. In the next 2 minutes, you’ll see scientists examine a large and well-behaved alligator named Bubba, and compare his features to those of Spinosaurus. I thought it was a stuffed alligator until I noticed Bubba’s throat moving as he breaths! Take a look:

Via: PBS Nova 2

Well, that’s all for today,

folks. We hope this hour of wonder reminds you that this is still an amazing world (our motto here at EWC).

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~ Dr. Lynda


Dr. Lynda is a dentist, artist, global traveler, and philanthropist who looks for potential and shares it with the world.


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