Victor Borge is credited with saying, “laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” And if you stop to think about it, it’s true! So, why do we laugh?

Think about the times you’ve laughed with strangers and shared a glance with sparkling eyes. There’s an instant there when you feel like you know that person deeply.

That makes me think there’s something fundamental about laughing and it begs the question, “why do we laugh?

Image: laughter Robin Williams

The great Robin Williams, who made laughter a language of love.
Source: Robin Williams Fansite

Today on EWC we take you into the world of laughter, hopefully to figure out why we laugh in the first place, and maybe also to discover how laughter can bring us all closer together!

I am constantly fascinated by cross-cultural commonalities: why many languages have similar sounding words for mama and papa, why all cultures share the drive to create art, why we share a fear of certain sounds. Even with all this, I had never thought of laughter as one of our commonalities.

That changed when I ran into this It’s Okay To Be Smart video, which started me thinking again.  Check it out!

It’s Okay To Be Smart is a fantastic channel that we here at EWC absolutely love! They’re a great place to get lost for a while, so meander on over there at some point!

When you think about it, laughter has great potential as a common language. It transcends linguistic and cultural barriers and creates a sense of connectivity and openness. We could sure use a bit more of all that in this world.

Could laughter to act as a bridge and beacon of hope between us all?

In our searches for understanding, what if we also chose to seek out the threads of humor in our situations? We might just find the richness of our common humanity.

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Keep on laughing people!


“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”-Victor Borge

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