Friday the 13th! It’s here! It’s time for us to all to avoid anything important and anything that could harm us! Really?

Today we’ll have some fun taking this superstition apart!

First, if you are one of the many global visitors to EWC, you may not know that in the US and in many other western cultures, Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day. I had never really questioned why this was until I noticed it was my turn to write today’s article and I noticed the date.

I’m not superstitious – so I think – but it did register in my mind for a split second, that I should take caution today.

What’s that all about?! I’m smart and not a bit spooky. Where does this Friday the 13th bias come from? I set off to find out for us and found some fun and insight.

Here’s Cristen Conger with the awesome channel, HowStuffWorks, explaining why the heck I’m supposed to watch my back today!

Hmm, interesting… Isn’t it strange how superstitions get started?

I love to ask people what weird superstitions they have or grew up with. Very often I find that we are hilariously incapable of hearing how absurd our superstitions are, and how they are so often communicated in conversation as fact.

My mum (our founder at EWC) won’t say “Good Bye” to people who are traveling. She always says “See you later!” She’s a grounded, highly educated realist, but she can’t bring herself to let go of that little nuanced superstition.

We humans, are so wonderfully complex, huh?

If you grew up with strange superstitions or have a good story about one, let us know via twitter (@EWCtweets) or on Facebook!

Happy Friday!


“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”-Victor Borge

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