What if art and the ocean could live symbiotically? Would it be in that sweet spot between science and art where we can come even closer to realizing our place in the natural world? And what if an artist intended to let the ocean help create underwater sculptures?

Jason deCaires Taylor is creating underwater wonders not just in the ocean, but with it…

Here is James Buxton’s description of Taylor’s work:

Jason deCaires Taylor is an internationally acclaimed sculptor who creates underwater living installations, offering viewers mysterious, ephemeral encounters and fleeting glimmers of another world where art develops from the effects of nature on the efforts of man. His site-specific, permanent works are designed to act as artificial reefs, attracting corals, increasing marine biomass and aggregating fish species, while crucially diverting tourists away from fragile natural reefs and thus providing space for natural rejuvenation. Subject to the abstract metamorphosis of the underwater environment, his works symbolize a striking symbiosis between man and nature, balancing messages of hope and loss. 1

Recently, Taylor set out on his largest endeavor to create the world’s largest underwater sculptures. Check out his story with The Creators Project, a channel we absolutely adore!

We’ve paired this video with thought-provoking discussion questions perfect for the classroom in this touchstone on our education platform, EWCed!

I love this project because it lies at the intersection of conservation, art, and culture.

The kind of foresight it takes to create underwater sculptures seems somehow symbolic of what can happen when we turn to nature for inspiration and involve communities in conservation.

And here’s the amazing thing: there are so many people in the world doing work with this level of inspiration! We feature them every day on this website. Ever Widening Circles is our ad-free project to prove it is still an amazing world (our motto).

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