Have you ever watched a nature show and thought to yourself…”How did they get that shot?” What’s the backstory on amazing nature photography?

puffins in flight

Source: Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

First, let me step back and set the stage for this question, we will get back to it, but I am going to go on a small, related tangent.

I love puffins, I adore them! I will even go so far as to say, in my book they are better than penguins. And your thoughts? If you’ve never given this weighty comparison much attention, here’s a short video from Nature on PBS about the other remarkable black and white bird.

My personal puffin point of view aside, what I really wanted to know as I watched this (besides “why can’t these things live where I live”) was, “How did they get those shots?”

Diving deeper into the video archives of PBS, I found a brief, enlightening video by one of the cinematographers from the previous clip answering that question.

So, it appears that some great cinematography can be had with some tiny plush cameras!

Well, that’s one less question I have! I’ve got another one for tomorrow, so stop by EWC again.

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