Foolishness Saves the Fishing Cat

Posted on November 1, 2015 by Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

“The typical nature photograph shows a butterfly on a pretty flower. The conservation photograph shows the same thing, but with a bulldozer coming at it in the background.”- Joel Sartore

Image: Fishing cat splashing
Source: Vladimír Bělohradský

That’s one of Morgan Heim’s favorite quotes. She’s now a  National Geographic contributor when once she was an unemployed journalism graduate. She followed a plan that many called foolish, and she tells the most amazing story of where that led. She and a friend found success in foolishness gone very right.

Consider your own passions after hearing her story. Do you have the power to change a little piece of the world? Let’s see…

At Ever Widening Circles we can relate to Heim’s experiences; when we had the foolish courage to start this website, we had our detractors, but just 10 months into our project we had 45,000 views a month from 190+ countries. It turns out that people all over the world were ready for good news, beauty, insight and a wonderful new view of our amazing world.

We followed a dream, did the hard work necessary and we were committed to changing the world in some small way, no matter what any of the nay-sayers had to say about it. I’m sure there is some spark of an interest in your heart too. Go for it!


If you haven’t found “a calling” yet, but you want to help with something meaningful, contact us!

If you scroll down our homepage, you’ll find we are curating the web for smart, curious people who still look at the world through hopeful eyes.

Want to Take Action for the fishing cats?

If you loved today’s video-share, you can see much more about Saving the Cat in Water on their website at  or The Wild Foundation on Facebook. If you’ve been inspired by this remarkable story, you can help to save the elusive fishing cat! We found out that for $80 (US), donors can rent one of those shrimp ponds for a year! Imagine how that could add up quickly if just 25 people took that challenge! With a hefty donation of $1,700, caring people could rent all known fishing cat hot spots in the area for the same amount of time!

Image: Fishing cat by water

Imagine what one whole year of research could do for this species and then spin off to other important changes…

If you don’t have the financial abilities to help, there are other meaningful ways for you to get involved, though!

  • Click here to donate another amount to Cat in Water today (you’ll be able to specify in the note field that you’d like your donation to go to the fishing cat ponds).
  • Learn more about the Cat Project at, here.

You can also get involved by sharing stories of perseverance like Ms. Heim’s with Ever Widening Circles! Send them our way as you find them!

Read more of Mother Nature Network‘s interview with photographer Morgan Heim on, or check out some of the photos1 below.


Image: Cat in backyard
Source: MNN
Cat in water
Source: MNN