Halloween is here in North America! And just to complete our three-day journey surrounding this wacky celebration, we said to ourselves, “why not finish big by connecting everyone with a few stories of real zombies… that are actually plentiful in the natural world!”

Image: real animal zombies, zombie snail

Source: Nat Geo WILD

It turns out that there are some crazy examples in nature of this zombie phenomena. Really! Mother nature has designed systems that seem to make the strangest things possible.

And just to bring this into the human realm: remember that “cat lady” you knew when you were a kid? Could it be that her mind was taken over by some cat-loving biological monster that compelled her to keep 40 cats indoors? Let’s see about that…

Here is Joe Hanson from It’s Okay To Be Smart, a channel we here at EWC absolutely love. They’ve got a lot of great content, so go show them some love when you’re done here! But first, let’s watch this video to tell us a little about how zombies might just be all around us…*cue scary music*

Okay, so like he said, there might not be human zombies blundering around anytime soon, but stories like these do serve as a reminder that the natural world is an incredibly diverse place, with endlessly clever ways of adapting to this planet!

Thanks again to Joe Hanson, Ph.D., of the YouTube channel It’s OK to be Smart. We feature his work often because it’s always brilliant and fun, and it proves our EWC motto: This is still an amazing world… 

Imagine our surprise when we found he had a zombie video?

Want a few more examples of wonder?

Ever Widening Circles is out to prove this is still an amazing world, despite what the negative 24-hour news cycle may be telling us. After writing over 900 articles – on wonders in art, sports, science, perspective, music, nature, space, etc. – we can assure you the global news media is not telling us the whole story.

Time to eat too much candy!



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