Believe it or not, solid science tells us you might just have ghosts in your backyard, in your kitchen, or in your own body! Well, ghosts of evolution anyway…

No, we are not venturing off the path of reality today. It turns out there are plants, animals, and even parts of our bodies that evolved in perfect coordination with other things that do not exist anymore, ghosts if you will, from our distant pasts.

Today, we share a couple short but remarkably fun videos that explain some invisible connections in our world: things right under our noses that are pure wonders that we don’t even know about.

Here’re the science editors of a great YouTube channel called It’s Okay To Be Smart, bringing some ghosts of evolution into our reality:

Cool, right? Now here’s our second lesson in the ghosts of evolution:

Things that go bump in the night…

Have you ever woken with a start in the night and peered all owl-eyed at the bedroom door, just as some primal caveman might have peered out into the blackness after hearing a saber-toothed tiger’s low growl?

Image: Why are some sounds scary

Source: Animals Guru

How about the creaking of a door or the sound of a coyote coming from the distance on a sultry summer’s evening? Or the sound of the dentist’s drill? Now there’s a sound that goes right to our core?

Well, it turns out – in keeping with our ghost theme, just a day before Halloween – certain sounds seem to root us to the ground for good evolutionary reasons.

Let’s just get to this other amazing video, also from It’s Okay To Be Smart on YouTube…

Good to know! I may not be manipulated by frightening sounds so easily from now on. And hey, I might have liked science had it been taught like this!

Have fun with these new insights and keep remembering there is a world of connections we don’t know much about out there. If you take a look around our Ever Widening Circles homepage, you’ll see more wonders like this. We strive to be an antidote to the negative 24-hour news cycle. We only celebrate the smart, insightful, hopeful content on the web. Stop by daily and be both inspired and refreshed.

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Enjoy your weekend and have a little more Halloween fun knowing there really are such things as evolutionary ghosts! It seems like I’m looking in my fridge and the mirror with fresh eyes, knowing that there are remnants of bygone eras and ecosystems all around us.

Oh, and here is a link to that book about evolutionary ghosts that he mentioned earlier in the article. Time to do some ghost hunting!

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